Knysna Bull
Phantom Prologue

Wednesday Late Afternoon

10km Non-timed Liaison
10km Timed Prologue
1.6km Maxxis Enduro
3km Non-timed Liaison
Fire the Nitrous

Warm-up with a 10km non-timed liaison from the Waterfront to the Prologue Start.
From the Prologue Start platform, your GC time starts and you can fire the nitrous. A short sharp 500m climb to the top of Phantom Pass and then the fun begins with the tight and steep Phantom trail (1.6km Maxxis Enduro) all the way down to the Red Bridge. The second test is Jans Nemesis, a tough zigzag quarry climb. It’s then a single track meander behind Timber Village and finally, the crossing over Salt River to the Prologue Finish and the end of the timed section.
Cool-down over the short 3km non-timed liaison back to the Waterfront.

Total distance – 10km
Start Venue

Warm-up ride from the Knysna Waterfront (at your own time)
Course open for practice: 16H30
Start Venue: Phantom Pass
Pro Start Time: 17H30
Rider Start Time: 17H45