Knysna Bull
College SA Bursary

Riders get to nominate a candidate

R100 000 worth of bursaries for deserving candidates.

“I competed in last year’s event and was lucky enough to earn a second place and win a R7500 bursary. Myself not being interested in further studies decided to make it my business to ensure that somebody gets use of it, so I posted on the Colleges’ Facebook page and the response was overwhelming. Almost one year later I got a message from my “student”, thanking me for the hundredth time for the opportunity he was given to study. He got his diploma and he did good work of it. I am so very very proud of him. He would not have been able to afford it otherwise.” Nickey Botes – Knysna Bull podium 2018
College SA Bursary 1
New in 2019, all registered Knysna Bull riders have the opportunity to nominate a candidate that will receive a bursary. This will ensure that all the deserving students are the recipients.

Log in to your rider profile to nominate your candidate.