Go full throttle

5 January 2017

3 weeks prior to the Epic, the Knysna Bull is considered a calendar sweet spot. For riders looking for extra time in the saddle, join the supported group ride from Thesen Isle to the start each morning (adding 20km+ to each stage).

“Scientifically, it is recommended that your performance is periodised. A standard periodisation plan would involve ramping up of the intensity as you get closer to your key event or race. The shorter format of the Knysna Bull, ensures that the intensity of racing is high, thereby fitting perfectly into a Absa Cape Epic periodised training program. The shorter days also allows for a very high intensity, without excessive accumulated fatigue, which will allow participants preparing for the Epic to recover quickly from the Bull and still squeeze in a last few hard high intensity training sessions to allow for sharpening before the big Day.”

Dr Mike Posthumus